Seven Paycheck Protection Sales Ideas

  1. Say “Paycheck Protection.”  Don’t tell me what it is. Tell me what it does! Most people cannot envision being disabled but they can understand the importance of protecting the paycheck – their most important asset. Change your client’s perspective by using one key phrase – paycheck protection.


  1. Sell the Need for Disability Insurance with Stats. The likelihood of being disabled during your working life is much more common than you would think. Use DIS’ Stat Pack to emphasize the likelihood of being disabled when meeting with clients. If they understand the need, they’ll be more likely to buy.


  1. Sell Disability Insurance to Business Owners. Insure the Golden Goose! There are many good candidates for DI, but business owners need the most protection. Protect business owners’ paychecks with individual disability insurance along with a Business Overhead Expense (BOE) policy to protect the business. Only 5 percent of business owners have a Business Overhead Expense policy. Learn more in our Business Owner Selling Savvy article.


  1. Tell the Previous and Potentially Declined, Yes! Height and weight? Abnormal labs? Heart surgery, diabetes, sleep apnea, hepatitis and multiple medications? The chances are great that DIS can find a carrier for your clients with health issues. Health issues are no longer a barrier for obtaining disability insurance protection.


  1. Sell Multi-Life Cases. Sell three or more lives from the same workplace or organization, and your clients will receive major paycheck protection discounts. Females can save up to 45% on their annual premiums! Why sell one disability insurance case if it’s better to sell three?


  1. Overcome Price Objections: Compare the Cost of DI to Home and Auto Insurance. Use our Wealth Preservation Plan sales script to help clients understand that disability insurance is actually more affordable than home or auto insurance.


  1. Ask The Question: Do You Have Paycheck Protection? Most agents don’t sell DI because they don’t ask the question. Start a dialogue about disability insurance.

Want to know more about selling disability insurance?  Whatever you do, don’t leave your clients BARE! Click here to get the bare facts about paycheck protection and a helpful waiver of liability form to use during client presentations.


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