COVID-19 Updates

The DIS office is open with a skeleton management staff so it’s business as usual with incoming and outgoing mail, quote processing, underwriting assistance and policy issuance. Our Regional Brokerage Managers are also available to assist you. In this rapidly evolving situation, we will post carrier updates as soon as we receive them below. Also, you can download a PDF summary of changes here.

The Standard: COVID-19 Updates

November 12, 2020 Update
We’re extending our current labs and exams requirements. We won’t require labs or exams for the following applications until further notice:

Product Maximum Benefit
Platinum Advantage $10,000
Business Overhead ProtectorSM $25,000
Business Equity ProtectorSM $1,000,000

Please contact your case manager with questions.

July 31, 2020 Update
As we all adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, The Standard introduced several temporary guidelines to help customers get and keep IDI. On July 31, 2020, these temporary guidelines will expire and will return to normal guidelines with one exception. Learn more.

Principal: COVID-19 Updates

Use this resource with your clients who place their trust in our insurance solutions. Please also refer to this page on IDI Underwriting. 

August 28, 2020 Update
Beginning with Benefit Update anniversaries on Sept. 1, customers will once again need to exercise at least 50% of their eligible Benefit Update to maintain the rider. For those customers who lost their Benefit Update riders between March 11 and Aug. 31 for reasons other than reaching the maximum age, we’ll begin the process of restoring riders in early to mid-September. Customers will receive a letter notifying them once this is complete.

Traditional guidelines that go back into effect August 1 will feature new, more liberal limits for many clients.

HIGHER LAB and PHYSICAL MEASUREMENT LIMITS: Effective August 1, clients age 50 and younger will have no lab or physical measurement requirements for the following products and benefit amounts:

  • Disability Income: up to $10,000 per month
  • Business Overhead Expense and Business Loan Protection rider: up to $25,000/month
  • Disability Buy-Out and Key Person: up to $750,000

Additional things to know

  • Limits for applications where the applicant is a resident of California or New York return to pre-COVID-19 levels:
    • Disability Income: up to $6,000 per month
    • Business Overhead Expense and Business Loan Protection rider: up to $10,000 per month
    • Disability Buy-Out and Key Person: up to $360,000
  • Multi-life cases, ages 51-64, will have pre-COVID-19 limits of $6,000 per month for Disability Income, $10,000 per month for Business Overhead Expense and Business Protection Rider, and $360,000 for Disability Buy-Out and Key Person.
  • The new benefit limits do not apply to:
    • Income verification limits for Simplified DI
    • The Medical Resident Program

Attending physician statements
We’re expanding the use of Human API for all medical record requests. Please contact your underwriter and they can let you know the process for Human API if you’re interested in utilizing that process in lieu of the traditional APS.

Benefit Update Rider (BUR) Has Returned to Pre-Covid Guidelines
New applicants must apply for 75% of eligible coverage to qualify. Existing customers exercising the BUR must accept at least 50% of the increase offer to keep the BUR.

We will write doctors up to the maximum monthly benefit based on income or they can also use the select professional limits if they qualify.

We will offer dentists DI coverage; however, we use 75% of their income to calculate the benefit amount. If their current income is $100K, we would use $75K to calculate the benefit amount. For W2 dentists, we can use their full income.

Tax forms
We recognize that 2019 tax forms may not be available. We’ll attempt to use 2018 information and any 2019 information available to evaluate your client’s application.

Doctors and Dentists Not at Work
Principal will write dentists or doctors who are not currently actively at work due to Covid-19 up to our Select Professional Limits.


These pieces were developed to help you do business with Ameritas during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


  • EZ-App Guidelines for BOE included
  • NEW Financial, Occupational and Medical Considerations PLEASE READ BELOW!

In general, if a proposed insured is furloughed, unemployed, has closed his or her business, or is not actively at work on a full-time basis (minimum 30 hours per week) due to COVID-19, an application may not be taken or submitted to the home office, nor can a policy be delivered to an applicant under such circumstances. Applicants temporarily working from home may still apply for coverage provided they are working on a full-time basis (minimum 30 hours per week).

Each policy issued will include an amendment confirming that the statements made pertaining to occupation, occupational duties, hours worked per week and income have not changed from the responses recorded in the Application for Insurance. Prior to policy delivery, producers need to confirm with the applicant whether or not any of these have changed. If there are changes, the producer will need to contact the underwriter to discuss the new information so we can determine if the underwriting decision needs to be revised. This amendment is not required for applicants applying for coverage under one of our professional, residency or fellowship programs.

In most cases applicants that were diagnosed or suspected of having COVID-19 will be postponed for a minimum of thirty days following full recovery or confirmation that the applicant was not diagnosed with COVID-19. The final underwriting decision will depend on the characteristics of each case, including but not limited to age, overall medical history, and severity of infection.

Please note, Good Health Statements may be required at time of policy delivery. The Good Health Statement must be completed and returned prior to premiums being applied to the case. Underwriters will advise producers in the approval email when the amendment and/or Good Health Statement will be required.

Premium payments
Extending the grace period for an additional 60 days. They will apply the extension when the client contacts them.

EZ App underwriting enhancements
Increasing mini-exam limits under the EZ App tele-underwriting process. Good health statements may be required at policy delivery.

  • Ages 18-45, benefit up to $10,000 = requirement of TIU, mini-exam at UW discretion
  • Ages 46-64, benefit up to $6,000 = requirement of TIU, mini-exam at UW discretion
  • BOE with a base monthly benefit of up to $15,000 with a mini-exam in many cases

Until our vendor has updated its system, when placing an EZ App order with ExamOne, if the amount applied for does not require a mini-exam based on the above new limits, please use the Jet Issue code 2810. By using this code, ExamOne will only complete the tele-underwriting phone interview and will not schedule a mini-exam. 

For application amounts in excess of these new limits, we may be able to use alternative information in place of the mini-exam. Please contact your underwriter for details.

Financial documentation
If applicants have not filed their 2019 tax return, we’ll accept 2018 tax returns. We’ll also review other financial documentation, including W-2 forms and paystubs. 

Extension of customary time frames
We will extend by 60 days, our usual time frames for collecting underwriting and policy delivery requirements. Please contact your underwriter for details.


COVID-19 Premium Deferral
As an accommodation to our clients, In the event premiums cannot be paid during the contract grace period, we will be extending grace periods for the lesser of 90 days from premium due date or July 31, 2020, unless a different grace period is required by law. This policy will be applied for all premiums due 3/1/2020 and forward, as well as apply to any premium within the current 30-day grace period. Additional Covid-19 premium payment detail can be found at MetLife.com.

Mutual of Omaha:

Mutual of Omaha has increased its simplified underwriting monthly benefit from $3,000 to $6,000. For ages 18-45, no labs are needed up to and including $6,000.

Petersen International Underwriters:

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Petersen is offering five medical underwriting options which include: 1) paramed exam and lab by PPE-outfitted examiners, 2) using a paramed and lab that were completed in the past six months, 3) having the applicant’s primary care physician complete the exam and lab, 4) receiving a conditional binder subject to exam & lab; or 5) receiving accident only coverage with no exam and lab. Please talk to your underwriter for additional details.

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