Taking your DI practice digitalIndependent agents and financial planners: How would you rate your website? If you don’t have a website or your site was built more than 10 years ago, here’s a wakeup call: You’re about to get left behind. The pandemic has accelerated the public’s use of digital shopping – even for insurance.

Interesting fact: The infamous “Dot Com Bust,” highlighted by the collapse of Pets.com, was over 20 years ago!

The point: eCommerce isn’t anything new. Pets.com made a boatload of money before Y2K happened. And people were beginning to shop more online even before the pandemic struck.

Now, they’re also shopping online for life and disability insurance at increasing rates. According LIMRA, “Less than a third of people buying life insurance policies since the pandemic have done so solely in person, compared to 44% who were buying life insurance policies in person before the pandemic.

Fear not, it’s not too late to get a website up and running or to improve your existing one. And, fortunately, you don’t have to be a Code Guru or a millionaire.

Here Are Three Ways to Upgrade Your Digital Presence

Option #1 – Wix DIY: Average Cost $14-$39/Month | Difficulty: Simple

Wix is simple to use and even a novice can put together a basic site in a day or two. Wix shines with content-driven websites as opposed to image-driven webpages.

In the insurance industry, a content-focused digital presence is a must. This means that Wix might be the perfect platform for you.


Possible Cons

  • Affordable – Free plans (with data and URL limitations) are available.
  • No coding, HTML or CSS knowledge required
  • Monthly price includes free hosting, domain name and domain connection to a server
  • Limited design options; especially with the “free” choices
  • You need to write your own content


Option #2 – Squarespace DIY: Average Cost $12-$18/Month | Difficulty: Moderate

Squarespace is one of the original “DIY” website builders. It employs a drag and drop method that is great for visual learners. The subtle complexity of Squarespace’s ready-to-go website templates makes it standout.


Possible Cons

  • Visual content “pops” thanks to beautiful, pre-made templates
  • The premium subscription fee tops out at $18 per month. This is more affordable than similar services
  • Monthly price includes free hosting, domain name and domain connection to a server
  • No free plan available, but it does include a free 14-Day trial
  • Some HTML/CSS knowledge is required to get the most out of it
  • You need to write your own content

Option #3 – Full Service Advisor Evolved, Insurance Splash, BrightFire: Average Cost $59.99-$150/month | Difficulty: Simple

If you search online for “websites for insurance agents,” a few choices will appear. These companies will take care of everything for you, for a price.


Possible Cons

  • Fast, no-hassle solution
  • They may take care of the entire process from domain registration to website building, hosting and maintenance
  • They may also have recommended web content, so you don’t have to write content yourself
  • They may help with other digital marketing services
  • May be a more “canned” solution – not as original or differentiating as a custom build
  • May not have a lot of flexibility – to keep prices low, they usually have fewer options
  • When you leave, you may not be able to take everything in your website with you. The web company may own the content, the technology and the domain – ask questions to fully understand what you’re buying

The Online DI Quoting Component

With any of these options, you can add the personalized DI quote engine link to automate the quote request process directly from your website.

When a prospective client clicks the link, an automated quote process is launched as follows:

  1. The client is sent to an online quote generation form.
  2. The form does not contain any DIS branding, so it appears to be part of your website.
  3. You receive an instant message informing you of the quote request.
  4. The quote request is simultaneously sent directly to DIS under your name and broker ID.
  5. We immediately prepare the quote and route it to you within 24 hours, so you can present it to your client.

Installation is fast, easy and free, so don’t wait another day to rev up your DI Sales – Request your personalized quote engine link here!

*Disclaimer: DIS is not affiliated with any of the solutions mentioned in this article and we do not benefit from their sales. We also do not use these services. The pros and cons are a compilation of opinions expressed by users online.

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