Download The Waiver of Liability Form

The Waiver of Liability Form works double duty, making it a must-have for every insurance agent.

When your client says NO, ask them to sign the form, acknowledging that they have been educated about the risk and that they are choosing to do nothing.

Signing the form makes prospects realize the gravity of the situation. It may cause them to reconsider, opening the door for you to convert a NO into a YES.

If they still say NO, that’s fine too. You have written proof that you fulfilled your duty as their insurance agent.  Keep the documentation. Later on, if they become disabled and try to sue you for not informing them of the risk of disability, you are ready. As an agent, this is a real risk you must prepare for!

Complete the form to download your waiver of liability nowmulti-life-ltci-case-study

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