prospecting-tipsThe need for disability insurance is strong. According to the Social Security Administration, today’s 20-somethings have one in four chance of becoming disabled during their working years. With odds like that, it seems like everyone should want disability insurance – but not everyone has it. This gap means that disability insurance agents need to reach more people.

Here are 10 prospecting tips to help you do just that.


  1. Go beyond doctors. Many different professions are in need of disability insurance. Don’t limit your prospecting activities to the medical fields. Look at other groups, including the IT industry and business owners.
  2. Don’t forget about millennials. Do you still think of millennials as teens? They’ve grown up, and some of them are even in their late 30s. They need disability insurance, too, although their concerns might be a little different than that of other generations. For example, many millennials may be interested in student loan DI riders.
  3. Expand your income brackets. Disability insurance isn’t just for top earners. People with more moderate incomes still have a paycheck to protect – and they’re often hit the hardest if they lose that paycheck.
  4. Appeal to homeowners. Without a regular paycheck, many homeowners could face foreclosure. Help them stay in their homes by providing a policy that fits their budget.
  5. Talk to employers. The labor market is tight, and corporate financial wellness programs are hot. That makes this a great time to talk to employers about group disability insurance products.
  6. Embrace social media. Your prospects are on social media, so you should be active there, too. It’s a great way to nurture client relationship while also building a professional network.
  7. Incorporate videos. Consumers love watching videos as a way to learn about new things. Include videos on your website, in your social media posts and in your emails.
  8. Warm your prospects up before you meet. You want you clients to understand the facts about disability insurance, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with information during your meeting. A week before you meet, send them a client handout explaining the need for disability insurance.
  9. Use a great script. Don’t risk getting tongue tied. Have a solid DI sales script ready to go.
  10. Believe in yourself. If you don’t truly believe in the value of paycheck protection, you’ll have a hard time convincing anyone else. When you really think about it, you’ll realize you are your most important sale.


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