insurance-marketingWhen you work with DIS, you have access to many powerful sales tools including original video content for your clients. These videos educate clients about the importance of disability insurance, making it simple for you to sell the need for the product. They can be embedded onto your website and included in eBlasts; they can be used in meetings and part of presentations. They’re a fun and easy way to introduce clients to individual disability insurance.

Here are a few videos that make great consumer facing pieces. These can be used as part of your in-person presentation, as posts on your social media, or links in email marketing campaigns:

DI 101

This is a great introduction to individual disability insurance for clients who are unfamiliar with the product. It goes over the basics, and answers the most common questions so you can get right to building a plan.

Asset Protection for Young Adults

This is a great video for millennial clients who are unclear about the value of IDI, and may be questioning its immediate benefit. This video covers Critical Illness, which can provide clients with lump sum benefits if they should become critically ill and are unable to work. This video reminds us that even the best healthcare plan does not cover things like food, gas, or rent, when a person is unable to work.

Some videos are short and fun, and get clients excited about the prospect of protecting their paycheck:

Being Thankful

This video is great for the holiday season. It reminds us what is really important, and brings humanity to the concept of protecting your income. It drives home how important an investment in IDI really is to clients and their families. 

Think Long Term with Long Term Care Insurance

LTCI is an often ignored, but vital part of protecting your clients’ assets later in life. LTCI provides a benefit to help cover the cost of assisted living, instead of having to drain assets to qualify for Medicare.

Protect A Paycheck Today

Is a funny and lighthearted approach to protecting a paycheck. It definitely goes more for laughs than education, but this video still presents some important concepts and reminds clients of the importance of paycheck protection.

It’s important to pick pieces for consumers that are directed towards clients. All the videos we produce promote and educate the importance of DI coverage, but you don’t want to show them something that is intended for agents and too complex. If you are looking for a specific topic, contact us and let us help you find the perfect video for your client.


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