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Partnering with a Disability Insurance Wholesaler: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can a disability insurance wholesaler do for me?

Answer: How much a disability insurance wholesaler can do for you depends on the specific wholesaler in question. However, a wholesaler that provides top value should provide you with assistance in placing coverage with top carriers, which can include case design and determining which carriers are best suited for a specific application. A disability insurance wholesaler can also provide ready-to-use sales collateral, sales scripts, education on tricky coverage issues and insurance marketing strategies. Also look for a quote engine that you can add to your own website. Learn how a disability insurance wholesaler can help you grow your business.

Question: I haven’t sold disability insurance before. Can I work with a disability insurance wholesaler?

Answer: Yes! Some insurance sales agents avoid disability insurance because they don’t understand the coverage, and that’s a shame because many workers need the paycheck protection that disability insurance provides. Adding disability insurance to your portfolio is also a great way to grow your business and increase your revenue. Working with a disability insurance wholesaler is a smart way to gain support while you learn about the product.

Question: I’m already selling disability insurance successfully. Why should I use a disability insurance wholesaler?

Answer: Some cases are harder than others. If you can’t place coverage with the carriers you have access to, you lose a sale, and your client might give up and go without coverage. A disability insurance wholesaler can help you place more coverage with a wide selection of carriers so you can find a good match for your clients. A wholesaler can also provide training and marketing support so you can grow your business with less effort.

Question: What’s the difference between a disability insurance wholesaler and a disability insurance FMO?

Answer: When you look for a partner to help you advance your insurance career, you’ll come across a lot of different terms, including wholesalers and FMOs. Disability insurance wholesalers work with disability insurance carriers to help agents provide access to policies. FMOs – that stands for field marketing organizations – also act as intermediaries between insurance agents and insurance carriers. FMOs can be thought of as a type of wholesaler. Regardless of the terms used, focus on what the wholesaler or FMO can offer you in terms of support and commissions. Learn more about FMOs, MGAs and wholesalers.

Question: How much can I earn when I use a disability insurance wholesaler?

Answer: Once again, the answer depends on the wholesaler in question. Before joining a wholesaler, find out how the commission structure works and whether you can earn bonuses. Also consider how much more business you can write with the wholesaler. If the wholesaler helps you place more business, you’ll be earning more. Also look for ways to boost your earnings, such as offering the future purchase option rider to clients. With this rider, they can increase their coverage to match their salary, and you get a first-year commission when they do. Download the DIS Disability Insurance Broker Kit to learn more about our commission structure. Our agents also have higher success rates; in the disability insurance sector, only 10% of quotes become policies, but 25% of DIS quotes become policies.

Question: What’s the process when I work with a disability insurance wholesaler?
Each organization has its own process, and it’s smart to learn about it before you join. You don’t want to have to jump through hoops just to make a sale. Your wholesaler should make your job easy. Here are some details about what to expect when you work with Disability Insurance Services.
Question: What if I want to leave my wholesaler?

Answer: Before you join any organization, you should find out what happens if you decide to leave. Hopefully, you’ll love the organization and won’t want to go, but just in case things don’t work out, you want to have a way out. Look for a disability insurance wholesaler that lets you leave any time – and make sure you’ll be able to take your book of business with you!

Question: Can a disability insurance wholesaler help with products other than disability insurance?

Answer: Disability insurance is a specialized product, so it’s smart to turn to an expert in coverage. However, a disability insurance wholesaler may provide access to multiple types of disability insurance as well as other related products.

Several insurance products exist under the disability insurance umbrella, including individual disability insurance, group disability insurance, guaranteed standard issue disability insurance, business overhead expensive insurance, buy-sell disability insurance, key person disability insurance, and business loan disability insurance. Look for a disability insurance wholesaler that provides access to all of these options.

DIS offers access to these products as well as critical illness insurance and long-term care insurance.

Question: What if I have questions that aren’t answered here?

Answer: We’d love to talk to you! Fill out the form at the top of the page, and we’ll get back to you.


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