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“Make hay while the sun shines” is a proverb originating in 16th-century England that means you should seize opportunities presented by a favorable set of circumstances.

Summertime provides an excellent opportunity for your clients to “make hay” through financial planning. The sunny blue skies and slower pace of these long, lazy days provide chances to think and plan that can be harder to find at other times of the year.

By encouraging your clients this summer to follow the six steps outlined in our BLUE SKY summer campaign, they can protect their financial health with smart strategies that include disability income insurance for many seasons to come.

And by helping them to protect their financial health, of course, you’re protecting yours also.

1 | Live in the Moment, But Plan for Momentum

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that life can change in an instant. Help your clients review their current coverages and think through the “what if’s.” They need to act now to improve their economic well-being and financial resilience before either is tested. Use this DI Needs Analysis.

2 | Raise Your Umbrella Before the Storm

Preparing for a rainy day involves more than just having emergency savings. What if that rainy day consists of an injury or illness that disrupts the ability to work for months or even years? What if a natural disaster destroys your property or a lawsuit threatens your family’s financial security?

Bills like these can quickly wipe out anyone’s emergency savings. Your clients can prepare for financial storms like these before they arrive with the protection and security provided by primary medical insurance, disability income protection coverage, and an umbrella liability policy.

3 | Forget About Die-Hard – Plan to Play Hard

Summertime is for enjoying the great outdoors through any number of physical pursuits. Whether someone’s idea of summer fun involves boating, para-sailing, boarding, water-skiing, hiking, horseback riding, hang-gliding, or something else, there’s an element of risk involved.

Everyone should have the freedom to play hard, but with that freedom comes the responsibility to prepare for unintended results. Help clients set themselves up to recover well when an injury or accident occurs with the right health insurance and disability income protection.

4 | Be Ready to Fight Fires

When recovering from a major illness like cancer or a substantial injury, the last thing anyone needs is to worry about finances. Those who have protected their earning power with individual disability insurance can focus entirely on getting healthy.

5 | Own Your Earning Power

Many of us rely entirely on our employer’s salary and benefits package. In today’s inflationary economy, job losses can happen with very little notice, and there goes what benefits they had.

By taking out an individual disability insurance policy, employees can be secure that whatever might happen to their job (including a decision on their part to change employers or go into business for themselves voluntarily), they own their long-term earning power in the event of a disabling accident or illness.

6 | Level Up Your LTD

Only some employers offer long-term disability (LTD) coverage to employers, and even fewer cover the cost. Even if an employer is one of the lucky few, employer-provided LTD coverage may not be enough to maintain their standard of living, especially since any claim payments are taxable.

Employees can supplement their LTD protection by adding individual disability insurance policies. Should they be in a position to claim while still covered by an employer plan, they have the reliable financial safeguard of being able to collect benefits from both places.

Your Blue Sky Summer Marketing Campaign

Blue skies await when you take advantage of summertime opportunities to help your clients prepare for a secure and protected future.

To help, we’ve prepared a BLUESKY summer campaign package for download that includes:

  • Sample email template
  • Client handout
  • Graphical social posts

Download your free campaign elements here.

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