high-growth-industries-need-disability-insuranceWondering how to focus your disability insurance prospecting efforts? We recommend that you look at growing industries with high salaries. Three groups that stand out are health care workers, STEM workers and entrepreneurs.

Many of the occupations highlighted here have annual salaries of $100,000 or more, the conventional threshold for individual disability insurance prospects. Some positions however, have income levels at the high end of the middle-market and are also likely candidates for IDI. If you work with middle market clients, we have products specifically designed for that market.

The health care industry accounts for 16 of the top 30 fastest growing occupations.

Health care occupations Salary range or average Growth expectations
2016 – 2026
Physician assistants $101,480 37 percent
Nurse practitioners $100,910 35 percent
Physical therapists $85,400 34 percent
Physical therapist assistants $56,610 41 percent
Occupational therapy assistants $59,010 43 percent

The energy segment shows the second largest growth.
Interest and investment in renewable energy sources is behind the spiraling demand for energy workers, particularly wind turbine technicians.

STEM occupations Salary range or average Growth expectations
2016 – 2026
Wind turbine technicians $52,260 96 percent
Solar photovoltaic installers $39,240 105 percent
Software developer $100,080 30 percent
Prosthodontist $126,050 17 percent
Optometrist $106, 140 17 percent

Entrepreneurs are another hot market.

Don’t forget to include entrepreneurs when prospecting for future growth segments. The proliferation of web-based tools and ability to work from any location will lead to increasing numbers of micro-business and small business over the next 10 years. For more about targeting small start-ups, check out Selling Disability to Business Owners? Look for High-Growth Startups.

Get in on the ground floor while you can to develop business relationships in these industries before competitors realize the opportunity.

We’re here to help you grow sales, expand markets and target your marketing efforts. If you are new to the disability insurance, consider us your coach. We’re at your side for product training and case design. You can only win when you work with DIS. Call us today.

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