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If you’re not cross-selling insurance products, you’re missing out on easy commissions and increasing the risk that your clients will leave. You could also be leaving your clients dangerously exposed. There are many reasons why agents should cross-sell.

Imagine you go to the auto shop for an oil change. The mechanic sees that your tires are dangerously worn, but he doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to seem pushy. You asked for an oil change, so that’s all he does. The next week, you’re in an accident that you might have been able to avoid if you’d had better tires. You probably wish your mechanic had said something. If you realize your mechanic knew about the risk and failed to tell you, you’ll probably be angry. You might even think about suing.

When insurance agents fail to cross-sell other important insurance products, they’re making a similar mistake. Your clients count on you to advise them about their insurance needs, and they want you to help with as many lines as possible. Cross-selling insurance products is a win-win.

Your Clients WANT You to Cross-Sell

The average person doesn’t necessarily know what type of insurance they need, and they may not have time to spend researching insurance and comparing options. They trust their insurance providers to advise them on the coverage types they need.

Still skeptical that your clients actually want you to cross-sell? A recent LIMRA study found that 43% of people with car insurance want their auto insurance company to talk to them about their life insurance needs. That’s nearly half of insurance customers who would be open to buying another policy – but it needs to be offered to them first.

Multi-Line Customers Are More Loyal

The LIMRA study also found that 34% of auto-only insurance customers had been with their insurance company for more than five years, while 62% of multi-line customers had. Multi-line customers are simply more loyal.

Let’s go back to the mechanic analogy to understand how cross-selling can increase loyalty. Imagine you need an oil change, new tires, and new windshield wipers. Would you rather go to three separate places to get everything done, or would you rather go to one place that can do everything? Most likely, you’d rather go to one place. And if the place where you normally got your windshield wipers couldn’t handle the tires or oil change but another place could do everything, you might decide not to return to the place that only does windshield wipers.

It’s the same with insurance. Customers crave convenience, so agents who can cover all their insurance needs are very attractive. If you only offer one line of insurance, you’re telling your clients that they have to go to other agents to get their needs met. You’re essentially sending them straight to your competition! And if your competition can handle everything, you risk losing your clients.

Not Cross-Selling Could Put You and Your Clients at Risk

A woman comes to you to buy life insurance. She says she’s worried about how her family could make ends meet if they no longer had her income, so you sell her a life insurance policy with a death benefit large enough to replace ten years of income. A year later, she experiences a severe disability and can’t work. Only then does she learn about disability insurance and how it could have helped. When she learns that the Social Security Administration says working aged individuals are more likely to experience disability than death, she becomes angry that you never told her about disability coverage. She thinks about suing.

This scenario is exactly why DIS recommends agents have clients sign a waiver of liability form when they reject disability insurance coverage. It’s also why we recommend agents cross-sell disability insurance. Most people depend on their ability to earn an income, so income protection is simply too important to overlook.

Cross-Sell the Easy Way

Maybe you want to cross-sell, but you’re intimidated by other insurance products. You’d rather stick to the lines you know well. For the reasons outlined above, that could be a big mistake. Agents should cross-sell, and failing to do so could harm both your business and your clients.

Besides, you don’t need to be intimidated by other products. Cross-selling disability insurance is easy with DIS by your side. We can help you navigate the entire process, from the initial quote to completion and submission of the application. Download our Supersize Commission Guide and take advantage of our free co-selling services.


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