sell disability income insuranceWe’ve moved our clocks forward an hour, the weather is starting to warm, flowers are blooming, and it’s clear that spring has arrived. Something else has arrived, too: March Madness.

If your clients are basketball fans, they’re aware of this already. They’re probably pumped up to watch their favorite teams play. Maybe they’re inspired to jump into a pick-up game themselves. If they do this without the proper warm up, they may pay the price when they strain muscles they hadn’t used all winter.

Fortunately, you’ve probably already prepared them for these mishaps with the right paycheck protection. If not, now is a good time to jump into the disability insurance game and start offering this crucial coverage to your clients.

But be careful – you need to warm up too. Selling disability insurance can be painful without a game-winning practice plan. Before you can play in the big leagues, you need to work on your moves.

Ready to dribble-drive the DI lane and score?

Whether you’re new to the DI game or you’re a DI legend, you need to the right resources to help you on the court.

Use these four fabulous game-changing resources to boost your disability insurance sales success:

  • The Three Pointer: Anyone who depends on a paycheck can benefit from paycheck protection – but not everyone can afford a policy with all the bells and whistles. Help your clients find a policy that fits their needs and budget by using the Disability Insurance Quote Options Worksheet. You’ll get three options – one that covers the mortgage only, one that covers the mortgage along with the cars and some other crucial bills, and one that offers maximum protection.
  • The One-on-One Matchup: When you go head to head with other agents, you want to make sure your power play has sizzle. Up your game with the Disability Insurance Stat Pack. It has all the facts and figures you need to wow your audience.
  • The Buzzer Beater: Don’t wait until the last second to get disability insurance.  See how disability happens in the blink of an eye and learn why you’re never too young to secure paycheck protection. The Faces of Disability Infographic will drive this point home.
  • The Dunk: Straight from the highlight reel, show your clients The Top Five Reasons for Income Protection. Throw down these high percentage reasons and watch your DI sales erupt!

March Madness only happens in spring, but the need for paycheck protection continues year-round.

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