“I have income protection!”

“My work provides coverage!”

“I bought that years ago!”


These are common answers we hear when inquiring about income protection. But the real question is, “What did you buy?” Another way of asking this question would be, “Is your income protection up to date?”


Many people are surprised to find out their income protection can force them to do other work.

Many others are surprised to learn their premiums will rise at regular intervals.

This often leads to the response, “I bought what???


Most consumers do not understand the complexities of income protection.


Economic and political uncertainty creates the PERFECT time to review these matters with current clients or go over such questions with new clients!

Whereas most people will bypass the pages of contractual fine print to focus on price, the correct way to bring price into focus is by customizing the protection for each client’s needs.


Not EVERYONE needs the best definition of disability.


Not EVERYONE will have the possibility of going out on a Residual disability claim.


EVERYONE needs their most important asset protected in the best way possible.

Any questions? 

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