long-term-care-insuranceWhen facing long-term care needs, most people prefer to receive care in their homes. Although baby boomers say that they don’t want to burden family and friends, 73 percent of long-term care services are provided at home and often by unpaid caregivers, such as adult children. While this is convenient, it isn’t free. The financial resources, career, and state of mind of unpaid caregivers are often significantly impacted.

Genworth’s infographic Exposing the True Costs of a Long-Term Care Event documents the many way caregivers pay for the long-term care of their loved ones.


Educate your older clients about the true costs of asking loved ones to care for them. Educate your younger clients to talk their parents and formulate a plan for long-term care now – well before care is needed.

Is long-term care insurance really too expensive? Probably not when the premium is compared to the many hidden and intangible costs to caregivers. Contact DIS for a customized, affordable long-term care insurance quote. And, if you don’t feel confident selling long-term care, use our Sales Concierge co-selling option to provide this valuable service to your clients.

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