help-business-owners-survive-and-thrive-with disability-insurance-protectionAgents: In these unprecedented times, it’s important to stay in close contact with your business owner clients. They are probably feeling uncertain.

Set up a virtual meeting to connect. Be sure to ask them these questions:

  1. How up to date is your business protection package?
  2. Could you afford to hire a replacement if you or an employee was unable to work for an extended period?
  3. Could you afford to pay your overhead expenses, payroll and business insurance if you were unable to work for an extended period?
  4. What if you have to take time off to take care of a sick parent? Does your coverage include a family care benefit?
  5. Does your coverage include a non-disabling injury benefit to offset out-of-pocket health care costs?

Offer to provide a virtual review of their business protection strategies. Our Regional Brokerage Managers will do the heavy lifting – all you need to do is send us their Certificate of Benefits.

To help you serve your business owner clients, we have introduced five new resources:

We are here to support your success! Reach out to the Regional Manager closest to you and let us help. Also, check out this article with tips for working remotely.

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