Driving down the road in your car when the sun is just peaking up above the horizon can be a breathtaking sight.  But when the sun moves up a bit, the vision can change from beautiful to blinding. Just like the sun, the sight of a hard P&C market can look spectacular in the beginning, but can lead to dangerous consequences if you’re not prepared. Put on your sunglasses and look ahead!  P&C agents are going to have a dicey drive for the next few years.

Industry experts say that for the P&C insurance business, a hard market is looming on the horizon. P&C carriers are still dizzy from the record-breaking cat losses of 2011. Investment income is down due to low interest rates, so carriers must raise prices and tighten underwriting to control combined ratios.

What does a hard market mean to P&C agents?

Usually when agents think about rising prices, their thoughts turn to rising commissions, but this time, that may not be the case. In this downturned market, experts predict we will see business owners rate shopping, increasing deductibles or reducing coverage, all which can negatively impact agent revenues.

A commission solution

Before you lose clients to rate shopping, bolster your income potential and tighten your business client relationships by cross-selling small business disability insurance. There are many smart products that your business owner clients will appreciate – from business owner’s DI to business overhead expense (BOE), bank loan DI and earned income enhancers.

If you’ve never sold DI, don’t be worried. We walk our agents through every step of the process. Plus, you can learn more by requesting our free report, “Business Owner’s Selling Savvy.”

Don’t be blinded by the oncoming hard market.  Start cross-selling disability insurance now so you can avoid the blinding impacts of a hard market in the current economic climate!

If you would like more information or have any questions about cross-selling disability insurance, please contact Disability Insurance Services and a DI expert will assist with any questions!





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