drip marketing key to insurance sales

It’s uncommon to close a sale during your first interaction with a prospect. Sales professionals know it usually takes multiple touches to close a deal. The exact number varies, but HubSpot says the average is around eight. That’s why most sales professionals understand the importance of lead nurturing – also known as drip marketing.

Of course, some leads will fizzle out. These duds will never result in a sale, no matter how many touches you make. Nonetheless, it’s important to put in the effort, as giving up too early will mean you lose leads that would have eventually converted.

A drip marketing campaign can help. With each marketing email you send, you’re making a new point that could convince your prospect to buy.

The Value of Staying in Touch

When you utilize drip marketing, you also help your prospect become more familiar with you, which can build a connection to support an ultimate sale.

Imagine these two scenarios:

  • You reach out to a prospect about buying disability insurance. You explain why disability insurance is important and offer to give the prospect quote. The prospect seems interested but never moves forward. Although your sales presentation was convincing, the timing was off – the prospect simply didn’t have time to think about coverage right then. A few months later, the prospect decides it’s time to buy coverage – but she doesn’t buy from you. She sees an ad for disability insurance and responds to it to purchase coverage.
  • The second scenario starts out the same way – with you reaching out to a prospect about buying disability insurance. Once again, the prospect is interested in coverage but too busy to want a quote the moment you ask. As you don’t want to scare the prospect away with high-pressure tactics but you do want to stay in touch, you include the prospect in a drip marketing campaign. The prospect sees the emails and remembers both the importance of having coverage and that you can provide it. When the prospect is ready to buy, she reaches out to you and you easily close the sale.

This is how drip marketing can make all the difference.

Timing Is Everything

Does it sometimes seem like all the stars have to align before you can make a sale? You need to find a prospect who is receptive to your message, has the budget to buy a policy, and doesn’t already have coverage. That’s hard enough. To make matters worse, you also need perfect timing.

Prospects may recognize they need coverage and may have every intention of buying a policy – eventually. They may be putting off purchasing coverage because they’re dealing with stress at work or home and don’t want to add another task to their to-do list. Alternatively, they may have almost finished paying off a personal loan and don’t want to start premium payments until they’ve cleared all their debt. Regardless of the reason, it may not be a good time to purchase insurance.

With a drip marketing campaign, you have a second chance to get your timing right – and a third chance, and a fourth chance … It’s one of the best ways to increase your odds of closing more sales.

Don’t Do All the Work for Another Agent

It requires a lot of time and effort to find leads, follow up, and craft convincing sales presentations. The process is longer still when it takes a while for a prospect to warm up to the idea of buying coverage.

All this work can be worthwhile – as long as you’re warming prospects up for yourself and not for another agent. If you don’t stay in touch with your prospects, they may not remember you when they’re finally ready to buy coverage. You need to stay in touch continuously to ensure you’ll be the first agent who comes to mind when they’re ready to buy.

Launching a Drip Campaign for Disability Insurance Is Easy

At this point, you should appreciate the importance of drip marketing. There’s just one problem: creating all the sales materials is a big task – and you’re already busy.

We’ve got great news for you: our all-new Disability Insurance Digital Drip Marketing Kit includes seven emails for you to copy and paste into your email platform and contains the accompanying attachments you’ll need. It’s never been easier to stay in touch with your prospects.

Download the Disability Insurance Digital Drip Marketing Sales Kit.


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