Count the Costs

What are the costs of being disabled?

With protection in hand, pennies on the dollar!

Depending on how much premium was paid and how long the disability lasts,

this is almost always the case.

Some benefits are worth more than money!

How can you estimate the value of peace of mind during recovery?


That same disability suffered by the same person would cost far more by liquidating assets or relying on family for living expenses.


1). Each dollar spent during the disability would have required an actual dollar of earnings.

2). Asset liquidation can often be at a loss from original purchase price, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

3). Financial difficulty is one of the highest contributors to stress and anxiety, which in turn has negative health consequences resulting in potentially more recovery time and costs.


So if disability protection is considered prohibitively expensive, my answer is:

“Let’s Count the Costs!”

Any questions?

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