di done right simplified issue disability insurance

What it is

People with pre-existing conditions and high-risk occupations need paycheck protection too! Don’t assume that you can’t get coverage. Simplified Issue is a great DI product with no need for exams, blood work or inspection reports. Don’t say “No” to disability insurance coverage before getting a disability insurance quote for a Simplified Issue DI Plan. Your persistence may pay-off with simplified disability insurance.

How to explain it

Simplified DI plans typically offer a variety of benefit period options with waiting periods ranging from 30 to 180 days. Most policies are issued within 30 days, so there’s not a lengthy turnaround time after the disability insurance quote. Simplified DI coverage may not be as comprehensive as traditional disability insurance but it works well in appropriate situations.

When to offer it

Offer simplified issue disability insurance to clients with medical impairments or complicated financial documentation scenarios. With simplified issue disability insurance, no medical or financial documentation is required.

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