disability-insuranceAre you a life agent who has clients occasionally ask for disability insurance?  Have you put your toe in the water of disability insurance, but you’re not sure how to get the rest of the way into the pool?  Perhaps you’d like to bring up the disability conversation with other clients, but you don’t know how?

Here are some words that work in that transition.

MetLife came out with a recent study called “Words that Work.”  In the study, they learned which words help brokers paint a better picture of insurance, better illustrating the reasons for certain types of insurance.   Certain phrases and ideas resonate with clients, and these are words that we can use.  This blog gives a primer on one of the phrases used in transitioning life insurance clients into disability insurance clients. 

Paycheck protection is the financial tool that protects the entirety of your investmentsIt’s the bedrock upon which the rest of your investments grow.

This phrase gains traction with clients!  It’s positive, forward looking, and defines the product in terms clients can understand.  Clients resonate better with positive comments such as stability, and protection much better than with calamitous words like loss and disability.  Clients also enjoy planning for success, rather than worrying about injury.  Noting that disability insurance creates stability and protects other investments, you’ll get better responses than if you state, “It will help you keep them.”  And finally, the way you define the product is important.  Clients react better to “paycheck protection” than “disability insurance.”  One phrase sounds like a tool for stability, while the other phrase sounds like just another insurance product. 

Let’s recap. First, keep it positive.  Disability Insurance protects and gives stability rather than merely indemnify.  Second, keep the conversation on their financial plan: Disability Insurance is the bedrock of their financial plan.  It makes all the other investments possible.  Finally, say what it does: Paycheck Protection.

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