Going to the dentist is seriously not worth the pain.

Fluoride tastes terrible, flossing isn’t fun, and getting a cavity fixed is a downright drag. Plus, you’ll never get periodontal disease or oral cancer. Why drag down your day with oral hygiene?

Then there are those time-wasters called seatbelts.

Everyone knows they are constraining and uncomfortable. They wrinkle your clothes and cut into your neck. No one ever crashes anyway. Who has the time to buckle up?

And, while we’re talking, let’s address the everyday burden of shoes.

Shoes pinch your toes and rub on your heels. They make your feet sweat and they cost a lot. You’ll never step on sharp nail or a poisonous spider or dog doo-doo anyway. Why pay for shoes when going barefoot is so much fun?

At this point, you may be wondering – what do these crazy thoughts have to do with disability insurance quotes?

As it turns out, dentists, seatbelts, shoes and disability insurance quotes have a ton in common. In fact, many agents have decided that disability insurance quotes aren’t worth their time. Why have they made this choice?

  • NOT because income protection is NOT important.
  • NOT because their clients are NOT threatened by the risk of disability.
  • NOT because their clients are NOT relying on them for sound advice.

No. The reason they have decided NOT to offer disability insurance quotes because they think it’s too much work.  Do you think these same agents also avoid dentists, seatbelts and shoes? It’s quite possible.

These agents are rationalizing the decision to NOT offer disability insurance quotes by blindly believing that their clients don’t really need it (in same way they don’t need to wear seatbelts). Perhaps they believe their clients will relish the challenge of trying to live on the average Social Security Disability Insurance benefit of $1,004 a month*. And, maybe they feel certain that their clients will not be part of the 75 percent whose disabilities are caused by illnesses like cancer.** And, they must know for sure that their clients will never have to worry about stroke, which is the leading cause of disability in the U.S.***

Sure, there are plenty of reasons to NOT sell DI. And one essential reason to sell it: To protect your client’s most valuable asset – the paycheck.

Thanks for doing the right thing and protecting America’s paychecks!

*Source: Social Security Administration, 2008;**Source: Commissioner’s Disability Table;***Source: StrokeCenter.org

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