In May 2009, Sysco employee Dustin was involved in a four-wheeler accident that paralyzed him from the neck down. The accident occurred five days after the birth of his son. He was 25 years old. His wife Michelle was devastated to learn that his group long-term disability benefits wouldn’t start for six months. Rather than focusing on healing, Dustin and Michelle had to wonder how they would ever provide for their family with no income.


Fortunately, prior to his accident Dustin had the foresight to purchase a supplemental disability insurance policy. Michelle says, “We wouldn’t have made it financially without the extra income from the Sysco Supplemental Disability Program. I hope that Sysco other companies offer this benefit, knowing how important it is employees and their families.”

Plan Details:

• Provides an additional layer of protection over and above group long-term disability benefits.

• Substantially improves a family’s ability to sustain its lifestyle during periods of disability.

• Replaces up to 85% of pre-disability income.

• Pays long term benefits, typically to age 66 or 67.

• Instills peace-of-mind and financial confidence – particularly for one-income families.

• Offers optional participation with a hassle-free, efficient enrollment process.

• Allows employees to secure guaranteed issue, individually-owned disability coverage at competitive group rates.

• Eliminates the need for medical exams and allows for disability due to preexisting conditions if the employee has been covered under the group plan continuously for 12 months.

• Available to employees at all levels — from warehouse workers and delivery drivers to managers

• Portable so employees can take coverage with them if they terminate employment.

• Costs the employer nothing!

Sysco’s Success:

• Since the Sysco supplementary DI program was implemented 10 years ago, 70 percent of employees offered coverage, have voluntarily elected to participate. Clearly, Sysco employees recognize the financial vulnerability of disability.

• Of the 4,000 Sysco supplemental disability policies in place, 84 disability claims have been filed. In other words, in the past 10 years, 2 percent of insured employees have used supplemental disability coverage.

Don’t let your clients miss out on this important coverage. For more information about how to offer supplemental voluntary DI programs, download our free report “DI Bootcamp” and sell more DI!


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