Personal connection is the secret formula behind most marketing and sales success stories. If you don’t believe me take a closer look at the commercials on TV tonight. You’ll probably see quite a few babies, puppies and families. Ad agencies have long known that stories, personal connections and emotions sell.

Does your disability insurance sales presentation make the right personal connection?

If you’re not sure, ask yourself these five revealing questions:  

  1. Are you walking the talk? In other words, have you purchased a disability insurance policy yourself? It’s hard to speak passionately about something you haven’t experienced. (If you don’t have a policy, apply for a disability insurance quote now. Did you know that you can buy at wholesale prices because you get to pocket the commission?)
  2. Can you tell a prospect about your DI quote experience? What did you think about the price? Did you procrastinate on the purchase? Why did you finally decide to get coverage?
  3. Have you ever been unable to work due to illness or injury?
  4. Have any of your family members ever been unable to work due to illness or injury?
  5. Do you have at least three inspirational stories to share with your clients?

If you need a story to tell, check out our disability insurance blog article about Bob Damato. Also, make sure to check out our very own Ty Kailey’s story In the Blink of an Eye.”

And take a little advice from Ron Bennett of our Kansas City office. Ron experienced the benefit of income protection firsthand when he was unable to work due a bout with cancer.  He says, “We all know someone who has been disabled. Use their stories. Stories illustrate the need for DI better than any statistic. People don’t forget stories. They ponder them, share them and ultimately act on them.

Your job as an agent is to protect others from risk and exposure. The biggest risk and exposure your clients face is disability. So why do most of your clients only have a life insurance policy? Get your story straight and then tell it. But just make sure your story starts with you. Walk the talk.”

To say it another way, don’t just prepare to die … prepare to live! Understand that you and your clients need disability insurance protection more than you need life insurance. Understand that if you don’t tell clients about DI, you could be putting yourself at risk for an errors and omission claim. If budgets are tight, don’t worry about getting clients ideal protection – remember that any protection is better than none.

Request a disability insurance quote today.  Before you can sell the product to others, you have to start by selling it to yourself. It is the only sale that will trigger an endless flow of sales, successes and earnings. Don’t take my word for it … listen to Bob, Sarah, Ty and Ron … you’ll be glad you did.

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