disability-insuranceSummer is officially here.  Summer solstice 2017 has arrived.  School years end, BBQs begin, and baseball’s all-star game is just around the corner.  This is my favorite time of year.  Mainly, because it is a great time to relax, spend time with friends and family, and increase your disability insurance sales.  No, my auto correct did not accidentally insert words randomly at the end of the prior sentence.  I intentionally included prioritizing your insurance sales this time of year.

Of course this is the halfway mark of your 2017 sales year and it is a wonderful time to evaluate your marketing efforts thus far, form new strategies, and get ready to continue selling DI stronger than ever.  The summer months are an exceptional time to educate, inform, and advise existing clients and potential prospects with various insurance products since there are usually optimal networking opportunities this season within your community.

Summertime insurance marketing tips for insurance agents:

  • Be a ‘Life Guard’ (and DI, CI, LTCi Guard). Appreciate the various generations and their preferred purchasing preferences.  Know your unique audience.  Tailor your presentation accordingly to engage and connect with your prospective client’s persona and life stages.   
  • Enjoy ‘Summer Reading.’ Share DI stories and paycheck protection pointers via your insurance blog and with social media.  These are powerful tools to display your insurance knowledge and build your professional credibility.
  • Release a ‘Summer Blockbuster.’ Create educational videos for your business website.  Have a selection of videos for your clients and prospects to view 24/7 from your website or YouTube Channel.  The videos can be filmed seminars, difficult insurance concepts defined, and/or testimonial interviews, just to name a few.
  • ‘Wish You Were Here’ Postcards and T-shirts. Don’t use one-size-fits-all marketing items.  Make sure your materials relate to your prospective client. Have a wide variety of materials ready to help express paycheck protection need and product explanation assistance.   
  • ‘A Day at the Beach.’ Many of us have fond memories of family vacations and time spent with friends at the beach.  You can give a client a similar feeling of peace of mind and contentment by protecting your client’s paycheck with disability insurance during their working years.

We at DIS, never want you to feel that you are over your head and in the deep end of the DI pool.  You are not alone on this sunny DI adventure, DIS is your skilled crew and DI lifeguard.  We look forward to supplying you a quote, offering you innovative selling tools, and suggesting options for your clients.  DIS is here to help you enjoy your summer making more DI sales.

Need a disability insurance quote? Use our convenient online quote engine.  Or, for a mobile experience, download our quoting app for iPhones.

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