disability-insurance-prospectingIn your current insurance business model, I am sure you have a plan, goals and a strategy or two.  What is your approach when it comes to promoting your brand, products, or service?  Do you aim for the entire United States workforce?  Or do you have specific location targets, occupation segments, and income requirements?  Are those target segments manageable or still quite large?

In an earlier blog post, I discussed content marketing and how important it is to know your audience and how that audience prefers to view and listen to your content.  Having a strong sense of who your potential clients are and where they hangout is vital to your disability insurance prospecting efforts.

Try creating “customer personas,” which are brief profiles on your ideal clients, in order to visualize and understand your audience’s needs and interests.   This exercise can ensure you are engaging your target audience as well as help tailor your content topics specifically to your planned disability insurance target group.

In time, and as you add more information regarding clients’ research methods and their overall buyer’s journey, your customer persona profiles will become quite detailed and allow you to find even more potential clients.

Here are a few sections to include when creating customer personas for various target segments:

  • Client Details.  Label the profile representing that specific target segment with an actual name, occupation, and company.
  • Demographics.  Who are they?  Give that specific target segment an age, income, and years of work experience.
  • Psychographics.  How do they think?  Use items such as education level, decision making processes, and their generational likes and dislikes.
  • Behavioral.  What do they do?  State desired media consumption methods, skills & habits they possess, as well as their research methods of choice (such as social media, online reviews, organic web searches, etc.).
  • Environment.  Where do they operate?  Answer questions regarding technology use, buying power, and their purchasing process.

The customer persona tool can be extremely effective in narrowing down potential ideal clients and to figure out the best marketing content topics for particular customers.  Once you have an alert and interested fan base, you’ll be equipped to showcase your disability insurance solutions and demonstrate how these products can help solve issues your ideal customer segments commonly encounter.

Good luck and happy selling!

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