Selling long-term care insurance can be an uphill battle in this tough economy. It’s true more and more people are becoming aware of the growing need for long-term care as a serious public health issue. But with family budgets already stretched thin, LTC insurance too often takes a back seat to other priorities. It’s easy for people to rationalize by believing that “bad things only happen to other people,” and simply put it off for another day.

That’s why you need every tool at your disposal to get your prospects motivated about long-term care planning. And right now is a great time to ramp up those efforts. Why? Because November is officially Long-Term Care Awareness Month. And since LTCI can be a tough sell, you’ll welcome the marketing initiatives available from organizations such as the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) and the 3in4 Need More Campaign.

What are LTC Awareness Month and the 3in4 Need More Campaign?

Long Term Care Awareness Month is a national campaign to raise awareness of the need to have a long-term care plan in place to protect yourself and your loved ones from financial burden later in life. Congress established LTC Awareness Month in 2007 to meet a growing need to make people aware of the risks and costs associated with long-term care. Since that time, groups like AALTCI and the 3in4 Need More Campaign have carried on a tireless campaign to educate consumers.

The campaign has four objectives:

  1. Spread the word among the public that “3in4 Need More” than health insurance
  2. Support incentives like tax deductions or credits to help people better afford LTC products
  3. Bring the LTC industry together to educate the public by joining the 3in4 Need More Campaign and using the logo and visuals to spread the word
  4. Educate the public on private programs and federal entitlement options

Who better to promote this vital message than agents and financial advisors … like you?

Since you’re already in the business of selling the benefits of LTC insurance, Long-Term Care Awareness Month is right up your alley. And getting involved definitely has its benefits.

A leg up for those who sell LTC insurance

For individual agents, brokers, and producers, the 3in4 Need More campaign provides a host of excellent marketing tools to help you reach out to your clients and prospects. With three levels of membership, you can choose your own level of involvement. Depending on which level you choose, you can get access to booklets, public service announcements, iPhone apps, lead generation programs, email campaigns, personalized website and blog, point-of-sale displays, and other materials. Joining the campaign gives you:

  • Powerful tools to help you drive home your message and boost sales
  • Access to a wide network of people and organizations dedicated to the survival of the long-term care industry, including other producers, agencies, carriers, associations (NAIFA and NAHU), federal and state government representatives, and others
  • Valuable exposure and recognition as a trusted source for LTCI information, products, and services

Help spread the word

Your prospects may not realize they need LTC insurance. But one thing they know they need is sound financial advice. Long Term Care Awareness Month is the perfect opportunity for you to join forces with others in the LTC industry, help spread the word, and make a difference.

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