disablity-insuranceFor many years, I have enjoyed watching Saturday Night Live and I was very excited, and slightly surprised, that the program just celebrated its 40th anniversary.  Saturday evenings were when I would struggle with sleepiness to stay awake long enough to watch the show and have some laughs.  And SNL was certainly one of the first programs I entered into my digital video recorder.  This television program has had an incredibly successful run, hence the recently aired SNL 40th Anniversary special, but it also had its share of some difficult years.  I give a lot of credit to Lorne Michaels, (producer), who has believed in and stuck with SNL for the long haul.  By not resting on his laurels, and enduring the difficult times and working hard, Lorne, NBC, and the various SNL cast members have created a very successful television legacy.

Just in case you watch SNL for entertainment instead of education, here are some lessons insurance professionals can learn from Lorne Michaels and SNL.

Be creative and spontaneous.
Provide several options for your prospective DI clients so they feel confident choosing the best coverage for their personal needs.  Check to see if there are any discounts available for your clients with an association or multi-life discount since this can help against price objections.  By being prepared to show creative DI solutions, you put yourself in an excellent opportunity to get the part.

Persevere through difficult times and low ratings.
Real life is similar to live television in that blunders and the unexpected can happen.  But being aware of common obstacles and mishaps, such as a price objection or an incomplete application, will allow you to act quickly on your feet and make the sale as smooth as possible.  When times do get rough and a bit bleak, just remember the most important thing – you are helping people by protecting their financial wellbeing.

Discover new talent.
Look for unique and undersold DI target groups.  This certainly doesn’t mean ignore your superstar occupation classes, but be aware of the many occupation groups and individuals that need paycheck protection, too.  These auditions can lead to lifelong insurance clients. 

Special appearances and guest stars.
Explain the need for income protection with various marketing pieces and share real-life DI stories with your prospective clients.

Don’t settle for a season or two, aim for a 40+ year success story.
Being an insurance professional should be more like being the star of a hit series than just having a few cameos.  Whether you are new to DI or a seasoned DI professional, we have resources to put you well on your way to insurance stardom.

At DIS, you are a superstar and we are your hardworking cast members, ready to generate a quote, provide innovative selling tools, and offer options for your clients.  You are not alone in the insurance biz.  DIS is here to help you host a great show when it comes to DI, CI and LTCi sales presentations.

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