Unless you’re without a TV, radio, internet or workplace gossip, you probably heard about, or even watched, Justin Bieber’s arrest. Shh… a moment of silence for Beliebers everywhere.

The 19-year old pop star’s crazy antics, iconic hair and purple outfits have placed him in the media spotlight for years. But this week, as his smiling mug shot filled my Facebook stream and both #prayforbieber and #deportbieber flooded my Twitter feed, it dawned on me. Insurance agents and Justin Bieber have a LOT in common. Now, I know what you’re thinking. And rest assured, I’m not saying insurance agents are supporters of drunk driving, drag racing or wearing red jump suits on national television.

But hear me out. 

1.  They both like bells and whistles. While Justin is known for his expensive cars, outrageous outfits and flashy concerts, insurance agents are known for wanting fancy riders and stacked policies. Bieber doesn’t just want a pair of pants. He wants purple, jewel-encrusted pants, made with the silk from worms that have only been fed premium lettuce (okay, I made that last part up). Similarly, agents don’t want a stripped, bare policy. Of course not. They want future purchase options, non-cancelable policies and discounts galore. They both want bells. They both need whistles.

2.  They both like to go fast. Justin doesn’t seem to value much, but he does appear to value his time. He likes fast cars and he makes quick decisions. Heck, he’s still a teenager and he’s already talking about retiring from showbiz (again, a moment of silence for Beliebers). And insurance agents, well we all know that when they want something, they want it now. They want simplified underwriting and immediate underwriting decisions. Both Justin and insurance agents have clients/fans to please and they’re not likely to sit around and just wait for results.

3.  They both have haters. While thousands of teenage girls are coming to his aid with words of encouragement, it can’t be denied that most of us would like to see him sent back to Canada. And, sadly, it’s no secret that the average consumer usually blames their insurance agent for their high premiums and policy exclusions. Consumers are quick to believe it must have been their agent’s fault they have policy limitations or higher premiums, not the fact that they skydive for a living or have a BMI off the charts. Both Justin and agents know—haters gonna hate.

4.  They’re both trying to target millennials. From the moment Justin turned 18 he’s been putting forth this bad boy image, which many attribute to his desire to reach an older audience. Tweens aren’t cutting it for the pop star, he wants an older fan base. On the flip side, insurance agents are trying to pull back from their target boomer market and have begun to reach out to the millennial generation.

5.  They’re both sexy. Justin Bieber has his looks, his voice and his dance moves. But insurance agents…well…there’s just no denying the sex appeal of someone who believes in financial security and helping others protect their family and future. Swoon.

So, do you belieb me now?

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