Is your disability insurance quote volume anemic? Invisibility syndrome could be the cause.  With so many insurance agents marketing identical products and services, it’s no wonder that the invisibility disorder is so prevalent in our industry. 

One of the most common ways to contract invisibility syndrome is by casting too wide a net. Naturally, you want to offer disability insurance quotes to anyone who needs them. And even though we’ve all been schooled on the virtues of niche marketing, those lessons are easily forgotten when times are lean, competition is fierce, and profits are anemic. You wonder: 

  • Am I losing out on potential clients with a narrow niche focus?
  • Do I really want to rule out any possible source of business?
  • Everyone needs income protection, so why isn’t everyone a good prospect?

Why “everyone” is not your target audience.

When you don’t market to a defined niche, by default, you attempt to market to everyone. That eats up endless amounts of time and energy that you likely can’t spare.

Narrow your focus, broaden your reach.

Instead of trying to reach everybody, narrow your focus to the ideal customer – those who really trust you, value what you do, and desire your specific income protection expertise. For example, when a surgeon needs income protection, is she more likely to choose an insurance agent who sells all kinds of insurance, or an agent who specializes in providing income protection and disability insurance quotes for surgeons?

Your prospects don’t think of themselves as just “anyone,” so they won’t respond to marketing that targets “anyone.” They are unique individuals with specific needs, and they want to be served by professionals who relate to them and provide specialized, tailored solutions.

How do you narrow your focus?

There are many different market segments for income protection – white collar professionals, business owners, executives, and doctors to name a few. Once you’ve narrowed your focus, drill deep. Join their associations, attend their meetings, get their newsletters and dig into their websites. Check out the LinkedIn groups they frequent. Become an expert at understanding their businesses and their insurance needs. Then, when you make prospecting calls, you can quickly: 

  • Demonstrate your knowledge by discussing what’s happening in their firm or industry.
  • Align your message with their issues, goals, objectives and concerns.
  • Bring ideas, insights and information about highly relevant topics.
  • Communicate as a colleague who is versed in their business challenges.

Because your time, money, and resources for marketing are limited, it only makes sense to spend your resources targeting prospects who are most likely to become your clients. Don’t be invisible. Narrow your focus, broaden your reach and bolster the volume of your disability insurance quotes.

Whether you’re just thinking about diving into the income protection market or you are ready to take your agency to the next level, download our DI Marketing Bootcamp report to learn more about targeting your marketing efforts.


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