Do you want to take your career to the next level? Then there’s a great opportunity going on now that you don’t want to miss. We’re looking for Regional Brokerage Managers (RBMs) for new territories. RBMs provide agents with personal coaching, leadership and mentorship.

To show you what being an RBM is really like, we’ve interviewed Kyle Conroy, Southwest Regional Brokerage Manager.

insurance-career-opportunityDIS: As a DIS RBM, how do you spend the bulk of your time?

Kyle: I would say the bulk of my time is spent either in meetings or on the phone making calls.  When it comes to making calls, it’s not just calling on new agents to sell DI. A lot of it is case design, trainings and point-of-sales assistance. Many agents either don’t know the product well or don’t feel comfortable explaining it to their client, so they want us to get involved. 

DIS: What has surprised you most about the job?

Kyle: I’d say the most surprising thing about the job is how little the general public knows about DI. Not just consumers, but even other agents in the financial industry. It’s shocking how many life insurance agents and financial planners don’t discuss DI with their clients because they don’t know the difference between individual disability insurance, group long-term disability insurance and workers’ comp.

DIS: What is the most rewarding part about the job?

Kyle: The most rewarding part is knowing that you played an integral role in protecting your clients’ and their families’ financial futures.

DIS: What is the most challenging part of the job?

Kyle: The most challenging part of the job is finding the balance between generating new business and staying up to date on follow-ups and existing business. It’s easy to get caught up in new marketing efforts, e-blasts, campaigns, etc., but make sure you stay relevant to the agents and brokerage firms you have relationships with by continuously checking in on them. You’d be surprised how many times someone says, “Perfect timing, I’ve got a case right in front of me” or “I’ve been meaning to call you. I’ve got this client …”

DIS: What do you know now, that you didn’t know before you were an RBM?

Kyle: I know a lot more about ancillary lines. The more that you can talk group products, P&C and life insurance, the more you can relate your business to theirs and find a way for your businesses to complement one another.

DIS: Can you share a brief success story that you’re really proud of?

Kyle: A recent success story involved getting a policy for a group of executives with a gap in their existing coverage. We were able to obtain coverage and even got a discount because we had multiple lives that all purchased at the same time. Not more than six months later, one of the clients developed skin cancer and was no longer able to work. He was able to go on claim and will receive his full, tax-free benefit until age 67.

DIS: What advice do you have for brokers considering an RBM role?

Kyle: Be honest with yourself. Are you willing to make the calls, set the appointments and put in the work? There is nothing short-term about this business. You’re not going to come in and make all this money right away. You have to build a book of business by nurturing existing relationships all while building new ones. If you can do all of that while staying positive and motivated, you’ll make a great Regional Brokerage Manager.

Think you can do that? To be a successful candidate, you need a life and disability insurance license and either a bachelor’s degree or a minimum of two years of successful DI sales experience. You should also enjoy growing new territories and coaching others.

To learn more about DIS RBM opportunities, watch the video below and click here start a conversation!

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