di-concierge“The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.” These words of wisdom from renowned author Stephen R. Covey have inspired professionals from around the globe in an array of industries. Maintaining laser-like focus on the activities that maximize productivity and profitability are essential for the growth and sustainability of your practice.

Disability Insurance Services recognizes that income protection products are not the primary focus for a majority of agencies in our industry. The complexity of the product coupled with constant provision changes present challenges in maintaining a high level of expertise with these plans.

Navigating your client through the maze of financial and medical underwriting requirements have traditionally kept agents away from offering income protection solutions to their client base. Today, these challenges will be no longer be a barrier to protecting your clients’ most valuable asset, their ability to generate income in the workforce.

Disability Insurance Services is pleased to introduce our DI Concierge program – a referral process that teams a licensed DI Expert from our home office with your client to design an income protection plan that meets their unique needs. Our DI expert will handhold your client throughout the plan design, application and underwriting process.

You maintain ownership of your client and Disability Insurance Services acts as your back-office disability division. Property/casualty, life and health insurance agencies can now generate commission revenue through a simple referral program while maintaining focus on their core business.

Our DI Concierge provides you with the flexibility to control your level of involvement in the process by utilizing the standard MDRT-style compensation splits. Learn more about our DI Concierge by clicking here.


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