Learn how to Create A DI Quote Feeding Frenzy in Just One Week!

The all too common sales scenario: A DI producer needed an inexpensive way to market to 1,100 physicians. She already had the email list, but she had struggled to find time to figure out a marketing plan of action.

An uncommonly successful solution: Direct mail was expensive, and setting up an email system was complicated, so she decided to try the DIS BCAM (also known as Broker Computer Assisted Marketing). The BCAM is a private branded email system that sends customized emails to your database of prospects. Prospects on who receive the email and are interested in a quote can click into a completely automated quote system.

The result:

  • The BCAM email was distributed at 8 a.m.
  • By 11:30 a.m., this broker had 33 DI quote requests!
  • Quote requests continued to trickle in over the next couple of weeks.
  • Once the conversation was started, DI prospects asked for life quotes too!

The best part?

Because of cutting edge automation, the producer could focus on other things while the DI quote requests were rolling in! She wasn’t fielding phone calls or frantically calling carriers, trying to find the right markets and the best deals. In fact, the whole process was automated so she didn’t have to lift a finger. All she had to do was accept compliments from satisfied clients who appreciated the fast service, and of course, enjoy all those added commissions.

What’s this true story have to do with you and your DI quote potential?

If you don’t have an automated system that generates DI quotes on your behalf, you’re selling yourself short. A wise man once said, “You can never win the lottery if you don’t play.” The same is true here, but the odds of winning are much better than that of the lottery.

Why wait another day for MORE DI quotes?  Click here to download all the details as well as the wide range of templates available for Broker Computer Assisted Marketing.

Imagine attracting quality leads and generating ready-to-present DI quotes – all without lifting a finger. Now you can make this dream a reality, with DIS’ insurance marketing system: Broker Computer Assisted Marketing (BCAM). It’s powerful, fast, responsive, and best of all, proven to rev-up disability insurance sales. 

Also make sure to ask us about a quote engine for your website and email signature!

Below is a Sample Email Template that You Can Customize With Your Logo and Contact Info. Click to download more info and the other available templates!


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