People do the craziest things, whether they’re working hard or playing harder. Fueled by misjudgment, lack of concentration, poor preparation, or just plain carelessness, some people have a knack for turning an enjoyable weekend into a disabling injury that knocks them off the job for a while. As the saying goes, anything can happen at any time, so it’s vital to educate your customers and prospects about paycheck protection insurance.

From weekend warrior diaries, below are 10 unexpected reasons to tell clients about paycheck protection … 

  1. While on a weekend ski trip, an attorney decided to show off her jumping skills and sailed into a large tree, resulting in a skull fracture, a concussion and three months off work. 
  2. While a small business owner tried to save money by doing a DIY repair job on his company’s roof, he accidentally knocked over the ladder. In the process of jumping to the ground, he suffered two broken ankles. Next time he’ll have Business Overhead Expense coverage before he goes overhead for a roof repair! 
  3. While texting and walking at the same time, a college professor tripped over a parking curb and smashed face first into the pavement, suffering broken wrists and multiple cuts and abrasions. The hard lesson: Disability can happen anytime, anywhere. 
  4. While working on his home’s outdoor electrical box, a dentist was attacked by wasps. As he yelled and waved his arms around, his neighbor thought he was being electrocuted and struck him with a shovel to push him away from the electricity. The well-intended deed resulted in well-over five months of disability for the resulting shoulder surgery. 
  5. While stuffing birthday balloons into a minivan, a busy mom (who is also an accountant) slammed the car door on her hand, suffering a severe crush injury that drove her off work for twelve weeks. 
  6. At poker night, two surgeons arm wrestled on a bet. The winner walked away with $50. The loser walked away with a broken wrist and some unexpected time away from the practice. 
  7. An engineer took on a DIY project building a vacation cabin. While taking a break from roofing, he looked up and noticed a large stack of shingles sliding off the roof and falling in his direction. He quickly jerked his body out of the way. Luckily the shingles missed him, but he strained the muscles in his neck. And, in the process of avoiding the collision, he tripped over another pile of shingles, suffering a broken arm and a nasty bump on his head. 
  8. A women’s softball game turned into an unexpected unpaid vacation for an ER doctor when she blew out her knee while showing everyone her technique for sliding into home plate. 
  9. On a family weekend outing, a company CEO showed his son the finer points of 4-wheeling. Unfortunately, he failed to properly navigate a curve, tipped over the 4-wheeler, and suffered two cracked ribs, a shattered ankle and a concussion. Now he’s in the hospital explaining to his son the finer points of not having a paycheck for awhile.  
  10. An HR manager got a blast of energy one weekend and decided to rearrange the furniture in her home.  In the process of moving her large china cabinet, she threw out her back. Now that she sees how much long-term disability pays, she wishes she would have taken a closer look at the supplemental benefit opportunities.

Having paycheck protection insurance could mean the difference between sweating over next month’s mortgage and sleeping well at night. These weekend warriors clearly never planned to be disabled, and that’s exactly the point – nobody does. That’s reason that it’s crucial to communicate the importance of this coverage.

And while these examples all involve injuries, the leading cause of disability is actually illness. Cancer, stroke and heart disease cause countless disabilities every year.

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