Disability-Insurance-For-ProducersMany of the insurance producers and financial advisors DIS works with also handle their own personal insurance. Unfortunately, we have found that while most agents and advisors recommend individual DI for their clients, they often don’t purchase coverage on themselves! 

Many producers who do apply for coverage run into the following problems:

  • The carrier does not offer disability insurance to insurance producers.
  • Their income can be complicated leading to lower offered benefit amounts than applied for.
  • They often fail to purchase the best product, features, and pricing available!

Don’t physicians sometimes ask for a second opinion from a specialist? Would you, as the DI client, appreciate a second opinion from someone fully engaged as a DI specialist? Isn’t it time to look carefully at your own DI protection? We’ll do the analysis!

How does DIS make it easier?

  1. If you have group DI or individual DI send us your policy summary, schedule page or group booklet. We’ll grab the data and review your current coverage.
  2. If you are unsure what income number can be used for disability insurance, send us your tax return and we will analyze it to make sure you are able to get to the benefit amount needed.
  3. For nearly every case, we prepare 3 or more quotes and carefully summarize them on our DI Analyzer. The DI Analyzer often becomes the basis of our plan recommendation. It covers the important definitions, varying benefit amounts, included riders, a premium comparison and carrier financial ratings. Due to some significant improvements in classing by one of our top carriers, many insurance producers can now get the top occupation class. Translated, this means a preferred product at a very competitive price!

Are you sure you still want to sort all this out yourself? And don’t your clients deserve that same expertise? The best way to sell more disability insurance is to own the coverage yourself! Move beyond a one size fits all single carrier DI solution and work with professionals offering a broad portfolio and significant expertise. 

We look forward to working with you!

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