Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) is all about getting the word out. You don’t have to be a meteorologist to talk about the weather, yet you probably mention the weather several times throughout the day. Likewise, you don’t need to be a DI expert to raise clients’ consciousness about disability insurance. It can be as easy as talking about the weather. Helping clients to grasp the importance of income protection insurance can be as effortless as sharing an infographic that tells the story for you. When it comes time to talk details with the client, you’ve got DIS in your pocket to fill in as needed.

This first week of DIAM, focus your initial efforts on how you will create awareness. There are endless resources available to financial professionals, many from Life Happens and Council for Disability Awareness, here are just a few to get you started.

At the office

Make DIAM a part of the everyday operation this month, engaging everyone in the office.

  • Add messages to your phone system citing disability statistics.
  • Add a DIAM tagline to every email message sent in May. Select a statistic you find compelling and add to your automated signature.

Email campaigns

Schedule email campaigns to reach different segments over the month. Consider starting with multi-life prospects, then move on to millennials, professionals, and the self-employed. Download CDA’s Social Media Content toolkit to access graphics suitable for emails.

  • Target employers in your area by introducing employee needs for disability insurance. The CDA graphic stating 66 percent of employees are without disability insurance can be downloaded and embedded in an email.
  • Perfect for millennials, is a reminder that 1 in four 20 year olds will suffer a disability during their working lives.
  • Take advantage of Broker Computer Assisted Marketing, a free automated marketing tool offered by DIS. Select from many DI specific messages and customize for your agency.

Social media messages

  • Update your LinkedIn page with information about the financial implications of an income-interrupting disability.
  • Keep the content fresh by posting daily facts and statistics about disabilities. Life Happens has you covered with posts, videos, graphics, and more.

Website update

Give disability insurance the spotlight on your website this month.

Downloadable infographics

Let infographics help tell the story.

  • When meeting with clients, use an infographic to set the direction of the conversation. The DIS “WOW” Stat Pack is another great infographic share with your clients.
  • In emails and social media posts, share one or two facts in each message. It will help catch and sustain interest. The CDA Social Media Content toolkit includes single snippets.

Make 2016 your best DIAM year ever! Here are some additional campaign resources to get you started.

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