di-for-chiropractorsChiropractors are typically good buyers in disability insurance but it can be difficult to find a carrier who will offer them quality coverage due to a high claims history for the profession.  Many carriers have stopped writing coverage on chiropractors altogether.  Not to worry!  DIS still has you covered!  We have multiple options for individual DI coverage (even for newly self-employed chiropractors!) as well as business products and even special risk DI.

Individual DI Options:


Max Issue Limit

Max Participation Limit

Max benefit duration

Optional Riders Available

Definition of disability

Special Programs

Carrier #1



5 years

Automatic Benefit Increase Rider, Catastrophic Rider, Guaranteed Insurability Rider, Return of Premium Rider

First two years- unable to do all substantial and material duties of occupation, after two years, all substantial and material duties of any gainful occupation

Simplified underwriting and multi-life discounts available

Carrier #2



2 years

Activities of Daily Living Rider, Automatic Increase Rider, Two Year Pure Own Occupation Rider, Guaranteed Insurability Rider, Return of Premium Rider

Unable to do substantial and material duties of your occupation, not engaged in other occupation, the rider to remove the “not engaged in another occupation” portion is available

Simplified underwriting, multi-life discounts and multi-policy discounts available

Carrier #3



Age 67

Catastrophic Rider, COLA Rider, Refund of Premium Rider

Modified own occupation for 2 years, thereafter any reasonable occupation



Business Product Options:

We have business overhead options of up to $8000/mo with a traditional carrier for chiropractors.  Benefit period options include 12, 18, and 24 months.  If the client also applies for individual DI, a multi-policy discount would apply. 

Special Circumstances:

For those chiropractors who are in need of higher limits, beyond what traditional carriers can offer, we have options for individual DI and Business Overhead as well as other business products such as key person.  This special risk carrier is also willing to offer starting practice limits to new chiropractors of $3000/mo.  For chiropractors with significant health issues, special risk policies with graded benefits are also available.

Set yourself apart from the competition and be the agent who can find DI solutions for all occupations, especially chiropractors!  Let DIS help protect your clients’ income today! Contact us to find out more.

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