As a DI broker you know that your favorite clients often can be the most challenging to insure due to their unique income and business situations. But, don’t despair. With our wide range of disability insurance carriers, we’re able to help insurance brokers find creative solutions for almost every problem. Below are a few examples.

Income Protection for High Income, High Net Worth, High Unearned Income

  • 65% of income (tax-free benefit) up to $100,000/mo. or more
  • Most carriers limit issue to 40% of income or less above $500,000
  • Not concerned about net worth, investment income or income declared as capital gain

Challenging Disability Buy-sell Circumstances

  • Limits above traditional carriers ($2 million) up to $100 million per owner
  • Availability at older ages without benefit reductions
  • One person Buy-Sell and Buy-in Buy-Sell

Disability Insurance for Key Persons

  • Key Person disability up to $100,000 per month or $20 million Lump Sum
  • Benefits typical offered based on income of the key person plus Lost Business Revenue
  • Coverage available to business owners, including those with more than 50% ownership

Disability Coverage to Protect Business Loans

  • Benefits configured to match the loan repayment, up to $100 million
  • 1-10 year payment schedule with lump sum available to cover any excess
  • Given today’s cautious lending environment, disability protection makes sense

Income Protection for Professional Athletes and other Uninsurable Occupations

  • Professional athletes and sportsmen, actors, entertainers, writers and artists, pilots, ship captains, offshore oil workers, commercial fisherman
  • Typical employees with unusual avocations
  • International travel or foreign residence OK

And by the way, if you have an NBA client who is considering work oversees during the NBA Lockout, we can help protect his income while he works abroad!

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