On the first day of Christmas, Santa gave to me, sales lessons absolutely free.

If there’s one salesman who understands his customers, it’s the jolly fellow in red. From a young age, children are taught to believe in Santa Claus, a man who flies around the world in one night to deliver presents and joy to the good boys and girls. And they believe in him. They trust him to follow through on his word, regardless of how impossibly hard his job might seem. They have faith that on Christmas morning, sitting under their tree, the presents they asked for will be waiting for them. Children of the world know that Santa Claus doesn’t just make promises, he delivers—year after year. And they’re rarely disappointed.

Take a lesson from Santa. Help your clients believe in you the way children believe in Santa Claus.

Insurance sales lessons to be learned from Santa:

1.  Close Strong – Though Christmas is but one day a year, Santa spends the whole year preparing. He and his elves don’t wait until the month of December to start making toys. The North Pole is bustling year round so when Christmas Eve comes, he’s ready and able to deliver on his promises. He works his hardest at the end of the year so that his clients can relax and be merry.

2.  Don’t Discriminate – Santa doesn’t target just one particular group of children. He brings gifts to children of all ages around the world. The more children he can provide gifts to, the more children will sing his praises. And through word of mouth, he can reach more children each year, increasing his business.

3.  Value Input – When Santa delivers toys, he’s not just taking a stab in the dark at what he thinks children want.  He asks them to write letters for a reason. Santa knows his clients will be happier if he asks for their input before delivering presents, ensuring his gifts are happily received.

4.  Be Dependable – Santa promises he’ll deliver toys by Christmas morning, and that’s exactly what he does. Children can have high expectations, so they need someone reliable. If Santa promises to deliver gifts by Christmas morning, then children are guaranteed to be opening his gifts first thing on Dec. 25th. He makes promises he knows he can keep.

Tis the season to close more disability insurance and long-term care insurance sales. Take a lesson from Santa Claus, and don’t sell your clients (or yourself) short this holiday season.

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