using-statistics-in-your-sales-and-marketing-processesYou know that disability insurance offers vital protection – but can you prove this? With the right stats, you sure can. Here are 10 ways to use statistics to power your sales and marketing processes.

  1. Post them to your social media feed. These days, a good online presence is more important than ever, and maintaining an active social media presence is an essential part of that. But do you ever get stuck on what to post? Compelling statistics make for great social content.
  2. Work them into your sales pitch. You don’t want your sales pitch to be overloaded with numbers, but including a great statistic here and there can make your pitch especially compelling.
  3. Send them to your prospects ahead of a sales presentation. If you have a sales presentation scheduled, consider sending your prospects some compelling stats ahead of the meeting. This is a great way to warm them up so your presentation will be even more powerful.
  4. Include them in your sales presentation. Be sure to save some of your statistics for the sales presentation itself. This is your chance to make the strongest case possible, and statistics can help you do that.
  5. Add some to your follow-up emails. After a presentation, your follow-up email gives you one more opportunity to make a compelling argument and seal the deal – and one more chance to include some statistics.
  6. Put them in your marketing emails. Good marketing emails get to the point quickly – and statistics are a great way to do that.
  7. Sprinkle your website with them. Adding statistics to your website can help you make your case while also showing off your knowledge to anyone who happens to browse the site.
  8. Make infographics out of them. Making your own infographics isn’t that hard – as long as you have the right information to put in them. Digital tools like Canva can help you put together an eye-catching infographic, even if you don’t have any digital design skills.
  9. Use them to counter objections. You never know when a powerful statistic might come in handy. Learn a couple of statistics that you can use in response to common excuses not to buy coverage – like stats on how common disability is, in case a prospect thinks they don’t need to worry about the risk.
  10. Use them to cross-sell DI. Maybe disability insurance sales aren’t your main focus. This doesn’t mean your clients don’t need disability insurance. Cross-selling DI is a great way to get an extra commission for yourself while helping your clients get the income protection they need. If you’re not sure how to segue to the topic of disability insurance, try citing a stat or two.

Now that you know how to use statistics, you need to get your hands on the right numbers. Get the Stat Pack now.

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