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Inner Circle Selling Secrets

Watch this webinar and learn how to present an eye-opening (and checkbook opening) insurance cost comparison in three easy steps.

DI Sales Strategy Quick Tip #1: The Hi-Low Method 

Watch our micro-webinar to learn a simple technique that demonstrates true value, melts away price barriers and improves your success ratio.

DI Sales Strategy Quick Tip #2: The Bookend Method 

Watch our free micro-webinar to learn a smart cross-sell technique that bolsters protection and closes income gaps – all while enhancing your commission levels!

DI Sales Strategy Quick Tip #3: The Unit Selling Method 

A high number of disability insurance quotes are never closed because of price objections.This informative, free webinar will help you overcome price barriers once and for all.

DI Sales Strategy Quick Tip #4: The FERS Gap 

Many federal employees face a deadly income DROP when they experience a disabling illness or injury. Watch this micro-webinar to learn why government employees need your help!

DI Sales Strategy Quick Tip #5: Avoid the Own-Occ Oversell 

Own-Occ is the most desirable disabling definition … and perhaps the most oversold. Watch this webinar to learn how making a simple quoting adjustment can hugely impact sales results.

DI Sales Strategy Quick Tip #6: Eliminate Non-Can Nonsense 

For years, agents have been taught to sell non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable policies. That doesn’t mean it’s right! Find out how to give clients exactly what they need, without paying for frills.

DI Sales Strategy Quick Tip #7: BOE + PWB

When selling BOE, agents often forget one of the most important advantages – The Premium Waiver Benefit (PWB). Not Anymore! This webinar will  hone your selling savvy FAST.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Want another tool to add to your solution kit? If you’re selling disability insurance, long-term care insurance is a natural next step. Discover why DI + LTCI offers teamwork that makes dreams work!

Disability Insurance Boot Camp

At DI Boot Camp, we make selling disability insurance easier than you ever. This disability insurance webinar gets you into tip-top shape – ready to break in to the most lucrative markets.

Simplified DI Underwriting

Are you frustrated with the cycle time to close a DI case? Watch our webinar and learn how to close DI cases faster by reducing DI cycle time and shortening the lengthy underwriting process.

Disability Insurance Crash Course

Nuances in policy definitions, provisions and riders mean the difference between rock solid protection and mediocre coverage. Learn the differences and you’ll easily outsell your competition.

Succeed with the Multi-Life Disability Discount

Learn how to identify, present and close multi-life opportunities and how to promote association discounts. It’s a win-win. Clients will save money and you’ll boost your income!

Seven Secrets to Disability Insurance Success

Learn how to create need; succeed in underserved markets; overcome price objections; and close sales in this insightful webinar.

Inner Circle Selling Secrets

Watch this webinar and learn how to present an eye-opening (and checkbook opening) insurance cost comparison in three easy steps. 

Selling Through Associations

From doctors to dentists to accountants, most professional industries have strong association relationships. Watch this webinar to get on the inside track and sell more DI.

How to Sell Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a great solution to have in your toolbox. Watch this webinar and learn everything you need to know to serve clients better and sell more!

Business Overhead Expense

Learn how to bridge business owners’ income gaps with BOE policies. BOE policies reimburse business owners for any expenses incurred while disabled.