Download the Voluntary Supplemental Disability Insurance Case Study

Need to help employers and employees understand the crucial importance of voluntary supplemental disability insurance? This case study makes the point crystal clear. Learn how this crucial coverage made the difference for an employee who suffered a paralyzing accident.

This case study shares:

  • A real-life story of a 25-year-old who suffered a 4-wheeler accident five days after the birth of his son.
  • How this employee navigated the financial stress of learning that he wouldn’t receive work LTD benefits for the first six months of his disability.
  • Details of the voluntary supplemental DI plan that made all the difference.
  • How voluntary supplemental DI plans work.
  • How one large employer has successfully offered this voluntary benefit with a 70% uptake rate.

Download the case study now!​​​​​​ disability-insurance-underwriting

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