Get the Client Handout: Is Long-Term Care Insurance Worth It?

At first, long-term care insurance can seem expensive. However, data proves otherwise.

In fact, a 2016 study revealed that for every dollar of premium paid, $2.78 was paid in long-term care insurance benefits. Wow! That’s a better return than the stock market.

Our all-new handout makes it easy for you to share this information with your clients. It explains:

  • Who pays for long-term care
  • What happens when you fail to plan for this inevitable expense
  • The annual growth rate of health expenditures for common long-term care costs
  • The satisfaction levels of those who have purchased long-term care
  • The real LTCI return on investment

Download this insightful handout. It’s the first step in proving that LTCI really IS worth it long-term-care-insurance

Download Here

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