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market snapshot

The health care industry is booming thanks to an aging boomer generation; longer lifespans; and improved access to health care. The Census Bureau predicts that by 2035 (those 65 and older) will exceed the number of children. 78 million of us will be in the age bracket most likely to face chronic diseases. We will require more frequent visits to doctor offices, testing centers and pharmacies.

While the demand for care grows, so does the shortage of primary care physicians and specialists. By 2030, the physician deficit is expected to reach 104,900. Roughly 40 percent of the shortage is in primary care physicians. 60 percent of the shortage is in specializations including those who provide care to a large segment of older adults. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the job outlook for physicians and surgeons will grow 13 percent by 2026. Overall, the health care industry represents 16 of the top 30 fastest growing occupations.

opportunity overview

Just like individual DI, disability insurance for doctors and physicians pays a percentage of one’s income, according to policy guidelines. Policies are customized to meet each doctor’s unique needs, offering a true own-occupation definition of disability and specialty-specific protection.

DIS has four insurance carriers that quote disability insurance protection designed for doctors and physicians. This means you and your clients get more choices with DIS.

If your doctors are business owners, they may need business overhead expense insurance, bank loan disability insurance and/or key person insurance.