what-romantic-partners-really-wantToday is Valentine’s Day. With so much LOVE in the air, you may be wondering … what do romantic partners really want? Fortunately, our friends at Life Happens have answered this question. Their all new infographic shows that 82% rank a “sense of humor” as the most important attribute of a romantic partner.

Any guesses on the second important characteristic? It’s not good looks or a robust bank account as you may suspect.

Surprisingly, the second most important trait is “responsible with money.”  It turns out that those who seek a romantic partner also seek a financial partner. They want someone who can help them build a nest egg and prepare for the future. So, the next time you’re on a date, make sure to mention that you own life insurance, individual disability insurance or long-term care insurance. These assets could really pay off in the dating game!

Check out the infographic below and for more Valentine’s Day fun, check out these pick-up lines – exclusively for insurance agents.


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