You know who they are. They’re the higher-end, been with you for years, and never likely to leave you, clients. Unfortunately, there’s no way to mass-produce these clients, however there are techniques to find more of them.

Identify the best of the best.

Most life and disability insurance agents are able to immediately identify who their most valuable clients are. The first step in creating a marketing model to identifying your best DI clients is to start with your client list. Whether you’re pulling clients off a spreadsheet or downloading them from your agency management system, having an actual printout of your book of business is where you begin your initial analysis of what your client list looks like. Break your “best clients” list down into segments that include:

  • Clients with agency longevity
  • Those who have generated the most agency revenue
  • Business owners in industries that are growing
  • Clients who have referred the most clients (and have the potential to refer more)

Tip: Some DI agents find benefits in using both a client list and a copy of their commission statements to better identify their most valuable clients.

Be where the best are.

One of the best ways to nurture relationships with your most valuable clients is to stay connected and be where they are. Working off your client list, start with 10 of your best DI clients to begin your marketing program. Keeping the number small will allow you to create a more manageable strategy that you know you can easily execute. Out of these 10 clients, see if you can determine:

  • Professional associations in which they are members
  • What local community organizations they’re passionate about and involved in
  • Who within your professional networks you both have connections

Tip: Ask your best clients about your agency sponsoring a community event that they’re involved in.

Once you have a better idea of where your best customers spend their time, the people they’re connected with, and what they’re involved in, it’s time to act.  Leave your trepidation at the door and talk with them about the possibility of joining them at their next event or luncheon, or presenting at one of their professional organizations on a thought-provoking topic that would be relevant to the group. In all cases, think of this as a way to offer value and help more people with valuable information. This isn’t about overtly pitching your services.

Work smarter.

Selling disability insurance quotes takes a great deal of strategy. While your current business model may not exclude any particular demographic, why not target specific market segments that’ll bring in the quality leads that you really want? Referrals from your best clients can help you build your book with the kind of business you really want to attract.  And that is one of the most important keys to profitable growth.

One of the biggest challenges that prevents prospects from requesting disability insurance quotes is the overarching belief that disability happens to OTHER PEOPLE.  You can overcome this obstacle with storytelling. And speaking of storytelling, this week’s featured free report is the story of our very own Ty Kailey’s disability. Discover how Ty was disabled in the blink of an eye!



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