Most disability insurance and life insurance sales professionals experience the cyclical ebbs and flows of the prospect pool. However, the truly successful DI producers do one thing that elevates the effectiveness of their prospecting efforts. They actively manage their prospect and customer databases, allowing them to dig deep and uncover sales opportunities at times when new incoming leads are scant.

Following Up with “Not Now” Prospects Means More DI Customers Later

The first time you interact with most prospects, they are usually not yet ready to buy. That doesn’t mean they are bad leads, they are just not sales-ready. The key is to stay connected, so when they are ready to buy, the first person they will call is you. How do you do this? Below are three quick tips.

1.  Create a living, active database that allows you to document detailed information about each prospect. We’re talking more than just names and numbers here. You need to use the information that’s fresh in your mind, plugging it in and building a relationship selling database—not just an electronic rolodex.

A relationship database not only keeps track of your prospects, but contains records of information for possible ways to mine, and then apply the data that you have collected. For example, if one of your contacts mentions that she’ll be starting a new business this year, be sure to note that in your database and schedule a phone call to check in and potentially educate the contact about business income protection products. Or, if you speak with a small business person who is interested in making voluntary DI available to employees, schedule several follow ups prior to open enrollment. Keep track of your interactions with a lot of notes.

2.  Use an email newsletter to nurture prospects and customers throughout the year. Send monthly updates with helpful information. The newsletter should be designed to help the prospect – not to directly promote your company. Include at least one article that relates the need for income protection to current news. Provide product updates, interesting statistics, book recommendations and more. Most of you don’t have time to call every prospect every month, so let technology work on your behalf.

3.  Create segmented lists for promotional purposes.  Make a list of potential email campaigns. They could include cross-selling new products; Future Purchase Option reminders; coverage level increases for new executives with rapidly growing incomes; business owner income protection opportunities; doctors and associations; and more.  Once you’ve identified potential campaigns, create a list for each and start emailing. Look for an easy-to-use email program such as our Broker Computer Assisted Marketing tool that allows people to click through from the email to instantly request a quote. Again, focus on writing to the client about a solution they can benefit from. The email should be helpful and informative – not pushy.

As a disability insurance agent, you will always face cyclical ebbs and flows in your prospect pool. However, if you actively work your database; nurture your prospects; and strategically follow up; you will generate abundant disability insurance quotes – even during lean times!

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