DI-SalesWhether it is World Cup soccer, Ryder Cup golf, or the Olympic Games, cities compete tooth and nail for the opportunity to host an elite event and support their country.  I think the enthusiasm is wonderful since it places that city in a large spotlight as well as helps generate tourism dollars and increase employment.  Being a native San Diegan, I was excited to see we are one of the final two contenders to host the 2017 America’s Cup sailing competition.  Personally, I am not a sailor, but I do enjoy watching the sail boats from a distance and definitely appreciate the skill and strategy involved with the sport.

It is often challenging to navigate through the rough waters of selling insurance, but the reward of completing your course and helping your clients anchor paycheck protection is well worth the journey.  Being an insurance professional places you as the skipper on this voyage and your belief in the product is extremely important.

Some seaworthy lessons an insurance agent can find beneficial:

  • Avoid a mutiny.  When you personally own a DI policy, a client will be more inclined to recognize your authority, credibility and passion for DI.  Plus, possessing a policy on yourself allows you to have 100% conviction and trust in this valuable protection.
  • Tales of the sea.  Do not underestimate story-selling.  By sharing a personal story that happened to you, a friend, or a client with your prospective client will re-enforce the need of paycheck protection and also show that a disability can truly happen to anyone.  DIS’s very own Ty Kailey’s personal story will inspire and convince prospective clients of the need for income protection.  More incredible DI life stories can be found at the Council for Disability Awareness website.
  • Navigate through stormy weather.  Selling insurance is not always easy.  There are usually a few obstacles to overcome such as price objections, exclusions, or incomplete applications.  But when you reach your destination and complete a DI sale, it is incredibly rewarding since you provided protection for an individual’s assets as well as their future. 

At DIS, we never want you to feel like a DI castaway.  You are not alone on this DI adventure, DIS is your skilled crew.  We look forward to supplying you with disability insurance quotes, offering you innovative selling tools, and suggesting options for your clients.  DIS is here to help you cruise to more DI sales.

Need a disability insurance quote? Use our convenient online quote engine.  Or, for a mobile experience, download our quoting app for iPhones.

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