How do you get your client to understand their disability risk? Engage your client in a disability insurance conversation by using the ABCs of disability insurance.

Disability Insurance


Did You Know? One in three Americans between the ages of 35 and 65 will become disabled for more than 90 days.”

Start the conversation by asking a question that features one of the statistics from our Infographic Stat Pack


It could happen to you too.”

Segue from broader statistics to the prospect’s likelihood of disability. Ask: “Have you ever stopped to think about all the things that could interfere with your ability to work, such as stroke, heart attack and cancer? Unfortunately, it happens more than you think.”


Say you became disabled. What are your current income options?”

Explore the prospect’s disability readiness. Does he or she have an employer-sponsored plan? Emergency savings? How long could he or she sustain?

Use these Three Secret Questions to navigate the solution conversation.


And if your disability lasted longer than 6 months, then what?”

Take the scenario a step further. Talk about what the prospect might be forced to do in the event of an extended disability. Cite the foreclosure statistic on the Infographic Stat Pack. Explain that many people have to sell their homes and give up important goals like paying for their children’s college educations.


Between all your assets, what do you think is the most important?”

The prospect might mention houses, investment accounts, cars and other tangible items. List them all on the back of a napkin for future reference.

Then say: “Actually, while all these things are important, they aren’t the most important. Your ability to earn an income is actually your most important asset. Do you know what that’s worth?”

Find out the prospect’s annual income and multiply it times the number of years left until retirement. Usually the number is more than one million dollars. Compare that number to the other assets named and reiterate the point – “Now do you see that your income earning ability is your most important asset?”


Incidentally, when it comes to assets, your income happens to be one of the most affordable to insure.”

Use our popular Wealth Preservation Plan sales script to compare the cost of disability insurance to the cost of home and auto insurance.


Luckily, with an individual disability insurance policy, you can insure your lifetime earning power for as little as $XX per day.”

Use the high-low sales strategy to convey the price/benefit.


Is insuring your earning power something that seems worthwhile to you?”

Use this question to transition to the close.


Tell me a few details to help me find the best solution for your unique income protection needs.”

Use the income, occupation and medical scripts detailed in our Three Stealthy Underwriting Moves handout to gather some basic underwriting information.


You’ve made a wise and caring choice to protect your family’s lifestyle.”

Affirm the prospect’s decision to move forward with the quote. Immediately contact the sales team at DIS to brainstorm the best way to design this case for your client.

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