Selling-Disability-InsuranceRecently, I arrived back in town from a long weekend and it made me think of how similar selling DI is to taking a vacation … really! Everyone enjoys some deserved time-off after a stretch of hard work. However, quality relaxing (and anything worthwhile) requires some advance planning to ensure things run smoothly and in a timely manner for everybody’s best interest and enjoyment.

So, here is my list of 7 ways vacations are just like selling DI:

  1. Initial excitement: Imagining a new location for travel is similar to thinking about a meeting with an ideal DI client – there is a sense of excitement in thinking about the possibilities and all the ways you can help.
  2. Doing your homework: Whether it’s inquiring about a tropical destination or finding out what type of DI product is the correct protection for your client’s paycheck – research and expert advice is extremely helpful.
  3. Preparedness: When sharing information with a travel companion on the itinerary or with your client regarding a DI application, proactive communication keeps all parties on the same page and are aware of each other’s expectations.
  4. Anticipation: Looking forward to the opportunity to meet new people and make a positive difference in your life and the life of others is a wonderful feeling.
  5. Organization: Having all of the necessary materials and documents in order reduces the chance of mistakes and confusion.
  6. Possible delays and turbulence: Frustration and stressful situations can arise but staying positive and calm is usually the most productive way to move forward.
  7. Great memories: After you craft the perfect plan, you and your travel companion can relax and enjoy the experience – just as your clients can relax with the peace of mind of knowing that their paychecks are finally protected. This feel of satisfaction always makes steps one through six (planning, legwork and even the delays and turbulence) feel very worthwhile. Savor the journey!

Do you have any disability insurance client meeting success stories you’d like to share?  Post them in the comments below.

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