disability-insurance-salesIf you’ve ever been fishing, you know that reeling in a big fish takes a lot of patience and perseverance. There’s more to it than that, though. You also need the perfect bait.

Making a disability insurance sale is pretty similar in some respects. Being patient and persistent can help, but it won’t do any good if you don’t have the right material in your presentation. Unfortunately, not everyone includes the right information in their presentations, just as not everyone puts the right bait in their tackle box. In both cases, it means the catch gets away.

And this is a huge problem. There’s the loss of the sale, of course, and the time wasted, but that’s not all.

Why Disability Insurance Sales Matter

According to the United States Census Bureau, 56.7 million people suffered from disability in 2010. Among people aged 21 to 64, only 41 percent of people with disabilities were employed, whereas 79 percent of people in the same age group but with no disability were employed. Furthermore, people with disability were far more likely to experience poverty. Among 15 to 64-year-old individuals with severe disabilities, 10.8 percent experienced persistent poverty, compared with only 3.8 percent of individuals with no disability. Clearly, disability is both incredibly common and a major hindrance to earning a living.

As an insurance broker, you have a responsibility to convey the importance of disability insurance to your clients. In fact, failing to live up to this responsibility can lead to an errors and omission lawsuit being filed against you.

Back to Fishing

Having the right material in your presentation – or, to return to our fishing analogy, the right bait in your tackle box – is important if you want to make a sale, protect your clients, and protect your career. So what exactly is the right material?

Some common tactics – like the old “one coffee a day” price comparison – aren’t always effective. After all, disability insurance is a high-value item; a cup of joe is not. You need comparisons that will show why disability insurance is an essential investment and a good deal. You also need the proper visual imagery to back up your comparisons.

With the right material, you can close the disability insurance sale. Unlike in fishing, though, your catch will thank you for it.

To learn exactly what you should put in your disability insurance sales tackle box, download the DIS If You Can Fish resource today. 

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