Disability InsuranceThrough the years, I have enjoyed watching baseball and following the careers of my favorite players.  Baseball players’ careers include dramatic successes and failures, the possibility of becoming injured or sick and, of course, retirement after short or long careers.  With this year’s regular season ending and the post season just beginning, I am reminded that even future hall of fame baseball players are still employees who receive paychecks.  However, the majority of today’s workforce does not have the resources, agents and financial advisement that elite professional baseball players obtain during their careers.  So, this is just another reason why it is necessary for insurance professionals to explain to their clients the importance of Disability Insurance and other crucial insurance products.

Some baseball terms to lead off with more sales:

  • Home Team.  Know your client and be ready to explain the need for the specific product that best protects their income.  You certainly do NOT want your client to feel like a “spectator” when you are explaining an insurance product that is the correct coverage for their current or eventual needs.
  • Triple Play.  Protecting your clients’ current financial assets, as well as their assets in the near and distant future, is an incredible responsibility.  Providing products such as Disability Insurance, Critical Illness insurance and/or Long Term Care insurance is definitely the right call!
  • Pitch Count.  When providing your prospective clients with your sales pitch…make it truly count.  Have marketing materials, applications, and a selection of real life insurance stories ready to share.
  • Seventh Inning Stretch.  Every now and then, plan a break from your busy work schedule to be social and active within your community.  You might be pleasantly surprised by the prospective clients you meet or you might obtain a possible referral.
  • RBI.  Retain Best Insurance.  Again, it is so very important your clients have the best products and coverage for the specific phases of their lives.  Check out this helpful asset protection handout that assists in explaining which products protect your clients’ financial assets throughout the various phases of their lives.  

We at DIS never want you to feel like the season is over.  You are not alone in the insurance game – DIS is your hardworking team.  We look forward to supplying you a quote, offering you innovative selling tools, and suggesting options for your clients.  DIS is here to help you hit a homerun when it comes to DI, CI and LTCi sales.

Need a disability insurance quote? Use our convenient online quote engine.  Or, for a mobile experience, download our quoting app for iPhones.

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